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+632 401-5527, +632 401-5025 (Telefax)


AACCUP Accredited Programs

PHILSCA College Programs are accredited by Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP).

Programs granted with Level I Accreditation are Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Information Management (major: Airline Operations & Procedures), and Information Technology. To view all programs and accreditation status, visit AACCUP website.


  1. Cherry Mae Ledesma says:

    hi maam sir i would like to ask do you have summer classes
    what month will it be start do you have make up class for the whole month of april until when it be end.

    thank you!!

  2. Alfie C. Verano says:

    Hi good day, I am mom of a child who wish to study in PHILIPPINE STATE COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICS his entire life and witnessed his hard work thru years to fulfill his dreams. Which seems now is descending since we are being misinformed about the entrance exams here in Cebu City. We inquired about the entrance exams last year on November but we are unable to take the first batch since we have to wait for the results of my son’s grades and we are informed that there will be another batch bu January. So indeed on January we again inquired for the schedule for the next application to take the entrance exams. We are being informed that as of the moment there no scheduled date yet and was advised to revisit by March. On the first week of March we then again visited the school and inquired about the application (in which the school is an island away from our house.) We are then advised that Manila paused the application for the moment and they are still waiting for the go signal and we are advised to revisit the school around mid of May. In which I did give the school a visit today. Surprisingly, I saw a notification to all that the application for the entrance exams is CLOSE which they are no longer are accepting applicants for the entrance exams.

    I was so devastating with all the hardships we went through and the child wasn’t even given the chance.

    I would like to appeal for any chances for my son to be able to take the entrance exams here in Philippine State College of Aeronautics – Mactan Campus (Cebu).

  3. Virginia Jacoslem Sazon says:

    Good morning I would like to ask do you have modular courses on masteral??

  4. Vida Marie T Paguirigan says:

    Good day!,
    I am first year college BSpsychology in Bestlink College
    I would like to know what are the courses that accepts transfers;
    What are the requirements for transferring?
    I’ll wait for the response thank you and Godbless.

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