Sibalom, Antique

UA Contact Number(s):

+6336 543-5627, +6336 543-8161



  1. mikay tongs says:

    good morning…i am looking here if how to pay the tuition of my brother who’s 4th year engineering…it would be a great help if you have an account so the money is best intended for school and not for malling..please help…ms.tongson

  2. Raul H. Belleza says:

    If you have problem, much better to call 8888, AKSYON AGAD.

  3. Mr. Hawkins says:

    My daughter just completed the semester at UA and is considering transferring to another University. However, she is finding it very difficult obtaining her grades which should have been posted long ago. It is unconscionable what students have to go through to get a degree at most Universities in the Philippines. Most problems I’ve learned are at the teacher level. My daughter has to travel a great distance back and for to no avail. It appears that I need to reply to President Duterte’s request for me to visit him at the Palace to discuss my concerns which parallels his regarding the Department of Education’s inefficiencies.

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